An immigrant story

Younghoe Koo moved from South Korea to New Jersey with his mom when he was 11 and didn’t speak a word of English. However, he quickly became engaged with his new community thanks to his love for soccer—providing an outlet to belong as a foreigner. Eventually, Koo realized his interest in football and was able to apply his soccer skills to a new sport.

Koo's initial football journey earned him a scholarship at Georgia Southern. He was eventually signed by the San Diego Chargers as a rookie, but was released after just four games. Although Koo is no stranger to adversity, this was one of the most challenging moments of his life. Thanks to his perseverance and grit he used this setback as a motivator to perfect his craft. Two years later Koo was back in the NFL showcasing his talent.

Koo’s immigrant spirit and challenges are part of his story. Today, he is a rising star in the NFL and plays for the Atlanta Falcons.


Koo's Kicking Camp will be held on
July 8, 2024 at Ridgewood High School.

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